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Gezocht (new) / Gezocht 15mm tanks
« Gepost op: april 27, 2018, 01:23:17 pm »
Eigenlijk net als Vincent ook nog op zoek naar enkele 15mm tanks om mijn Noord Afrika/Italy 'fleet'  voor 'What A Tanker' wat uit te breiden.
Ik heb er al een aantal bij besteld via Patrick(hoodzakelijk PSC) maar vanzelfsprkend ontbreken er altijd wel enkele.

Wat ik nog zoek zijn;

3x M11/39 vroege Italiaanse bakbeesten. Besteld.

Twee extra M13/40 of M14/41's kunnen er ook nog steeds bij. Beide zijn nagenoeg identiek en kunnen best als stand in voor elkaar gebruikt worden.

Net geleerd dat de kleine 'schattige' L6/40 wél degelijk in NA gebruikt is. Ik heb er twee maar en mag er nog eentje bij. Of twee want die zitten met 2 in een BF pakje.

Britse A13s zijn ook altijd welkom. Een  vroeg model Valentine of Crusader sla ik ook niet af.

Onze Duitse vrienden vragen ook wat versterkingen. Een PZ II ontbreekt nog, net als een PZ III ( ik gebruik Js') maar vanzelfsprekend gaan we ze gebruiken als ABCDEFGHKL enz. Enkel de M, N zien er wat anders uit. Besteld.

 Een extra vroege PZ IV mag ook altijd op visite komen. Ik heb maar 1 Pz IV F1 en die voelt zich nu eenzaam. Van de F2, G en H modellen heb ik met 48 stuks genoeg....

Voorlopig nog niet nodig maar later ga ik ook nog vroege Shermans, Grants, Lees, en andere rupsdingen verzamelen.

Ruilen kan uiteraard ook. Ik heb nog wel wat laat Brits, Amerikaans en Duits spul staan dat de deur uit mag. Hummels, Wespe, Maultiers. Ook nog bv een complete Sherman V platoon box.

In bijlage de spelregels voor deze campagne en de bijhorende map. Ik zend dit ook persoonlijk naar alle spelers die al hebben toegezegd, plus een aantal anderen die voorheen ook Dux B hebben gespeeld.

Ik stel voor dat we trachten ten laatste op 4 Augustus alle stats te hebben vastgelegd. Kom gewoon even naar me op de club en ik geef je je spel- sheets.
Dadelijk daarna kan je beginnen met je raids door te geven.

Zoals steeds veel plezier gewenst!

Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / Something wicked this way comes
« Gepost op: december 29, 2016, 12:30:40 am »
There is something afoot in the North.

Some of the fine and already fragile 'Roman' veneer has worn off. Romano-British warlords are no longer content to simply defend their lands against the incessant raids and have become raiders themselves. At least one has an alliance with a Pictish warlord whilst others may turn towards even wilder Irish raiders.

The Saxons know this is a golden opportunity, but they will have to make some very careful choices. After all, today's enemy could be tomorrow's friend. And vice- versa. But it could get them everything they always coveted.

Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 53 Pictish Honour
« Gepost op: juni 20, 2016, 05:21:47 pm »
 Din Guardi June 429

Vortimer knows that Din Guardi will soon be under attack. The men occupying the watchtowers all along the border, have been given orders to be keep their eyes peeled.

And unfailingly the Pictish warband invading the small hamlet of Russlet is spotted almost as soon as they come into sight.

The Picts are drawn up in a massive infantry force of several Raider groups and their leader, Aneill is doing his utmost best to get as many of them as possible into one huge formation.

Vortimer and his cavalry are blocking the advancing Pictish riders from attacking the village in the rear but neither party seen anxious to come to grips with one another.

Infantry units led by Flann and Wuffa are doing their best to get to the village but are hampered by woods and unexpected wattle an daub fences.

Pictish skirmishers and and archers try to find a weak spot in the advancing Romano- British shield walls, but their missiles have little or no effect.

An unexpected reinforcement for Vortimer is Flavius Dago, garrison commander of Trimontium. Her arrives on the battlefield with two well trained groups of Milites, and immediately proceeds towards the biggest Pictish formation.

The two cavalry units are still playing a deadly game of hide and seek and it is Vortimer that breaks first.
Her orders his entire cavalry formation into a headlong charge towards the Picts, but the wild charge ruls out of steam mere yards in front of the Pictish ranks. Vortimer has played his trump card and lost.

Aneill doesn't hesitate for a second and orders his raiders to attack the much smaller cavalry group.

Outnumbered and taken whilst still reorganising the armoured riders are simply annihilated. The few that survive the carnage flee for their life!

To make matters worse some Saxon warriors arrive from the East; Led by Seabi, one of Aethelred's leaders, they immediately chase after a group of British skirmishers. The skirmishers dash away however.

On the outskirts of the village Wuffa succeeds in driving off the Pictish skirmishers and crossbowmen but he's not able to influence the bigger fights.

Aneill with his huge band of raiders now falls  on Flann who has just enough time to restore his shieldwall. But even then he is pushed back by the sheer numbers of  raiders.

Flavius Dago too attacks the Pictish mass formation but he too doesn't succeed. There are just too many of them and the attack ends in a stalemate.

But more to the East history is written. One of those epic stories that will be told for years at campfires and drinking halls.

Vortimer and Ibor have left the fleeing cavalry unit and instead of running for safety turn around and attack Seabi!
Just two riders against two excellently trained Saxon Gedrith and a very capable leader.
And against all odds they succeed! Seabi is wounded and one of his groups has to fall back.

Vortimer and Ibor immediately go for the killing stroke, but are unable to inflict enough losses to also chase away the second group.
Which seals their fate....

Alpin, leading the Pictish cavalry is now able to join what is left of Seabi's men and together they
hack down on the two heroic fighters.

Vortimer and Ibor fight like the proverbial possessed demons, killing several more Picts and Saxons but then end is inevitable.

First Vortimer takes a wound nearly severing his right foot from his leg. Then Ibor dies with a Pictish javelin in his throat. Vortimer still fights on but a blow to his shoulder make him drop his sword. Bleeding from several wounds and no longer able to defend himself, he simply waits for the blade that will end his life.  He closes his eyes and offers his last thoughts to Rowena.

But the blade never falls.

When, after what seems like aeons he opens his eyes again, the Picts and the Saxons have all left.
Rather than killing a defenceless enemy, they have saluted his heroic act.

Game results

The Picts win with a resounding +6.

Both Aneill and Aethelstan are able to upgrade one of their groups to a better class.
Aneill also gains two talents, one of which he donates to Aethelred.

Aneill has gained no less than 6 honour points. He is now the King's Heir!

Vortimer gains 2 honour points for his wounds.

One of Vortimer's groups is out till September. Vortimer rewards Flavius Dago's loyalty with another talent.

Vortimer will need at least a month to recuperate from his wounds and will fight as a Lvl II instead of a lvl III in July and  June.



A lone horseman rides into the darkened camp in Din Guardi. Judging by the tattoos on his face he's a Pictish warrior of some standing.
When asked what his mission is so far from his homeland he simply answers ' Lord Vortimer'.

His name is Connad and he has a blood feud with Aneill. He will be Vortimer's new champion and a very, very redoubtable one.

Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 52 Gun Chuireadh!
« Gepost op: mei 30, 2016, 02:36:30 pm »
 AAR 52
Din Gefron June 429.

Although Rowena should have been alerted by the rumours of an  abortive attack on her province just a few days ago, the actual invasion of a big Irish warband still came a s a surprise.
How on Earth had these invaders managed to slip through all the neighbouring provinces to arrive at her landlocked estates?

Has any of her so-called friends made a secret pact with these barbarians?

Whatever the reason might have been, the fact is that these Irish raiders are getting quite close to the  rustic village of Dun Heste where a small cloister has just been built. No doubt these wild, fierce warriors are after the young novices again!
Irish cavalry are already sauntering up and down the perimeter of the village, no doubt on the look-out for Rowena's feared heavy cavalry which they know will arrive in a short while.

Irish infantry is seen forming up into formations and starting their advance towards Dun Heste. There is quite a lot of them and oddly enough at least one group of archers. The Irish are renowned as missile men and skirmishers, but rarely use the bow. So these must be Saxons or Romano British posing as Irish raiders!

In the village itself Myr has take up a defensive position with a few groups of poorly trained levies, but they know that they barely stand a chance against this great host. Help will have to come from elsewhere.

Naf, one of Rowena's lieutenants is the first one to arrive with a small formation of  seasoned warriors. But with Irish raiders and skirmishers swirling about, he immediately has to form his men into a defensive shieldwall which means it will take some time to get to the village.

Rowena, and her champion Amren arrive a little later with the cavalry. But it is immediately clear that something is wrong with Rowena. She is pale as a ghost and seems to defer the command of her riders mostly to Amren.

To make matters worse for the Romano British defenders, a huge group of swift skirmishers led by a Noble are scampering nearby. These men are the bane of any cavalry and especially if led by a competent noble like Scell!

A second formation of Romano British cavalry has just arrived on the opposite side of the meadow in front of the village. As expected, Rowena's lover Vortimer has send reinforcements.
Led by the flamboyant Flann, two groups of heavily armoured riders enter the scene.

Rowena's horsemen charge the Irish skirmishers and rive them back a little distance but all they get for their effort is a thoroughly disrupted formation. Lesson number one is that skirmishers are extremely elusive and they have a nasty sting! That goes double for Irish skirmishers.

Flann however connects with his intended target and simply routs an Irish Noble raider cavalry unit.

This attacks leaves him open to a counter-attack by the other Irish cavalry groups but he seems convinced he will be able to hold them off.

Muluch, for he is the one orchestrating this raid has now joined his warriors with those of Ochal and together they advance rapidly towards the village.

With Rowena's cacavlry still trying to untangle the mess they are in and Naf still way too far off to intervene, Myr and his flimsy shieldwall will have to bear the brunt of the attack.

But before these two groups will clash there's another confrontation going on.
Flann is charged by an 'Irish' cavalry group and finds out to his utter dismay that these men are heavily armoured and extremely  well trained Romano British riders!  Before the hammer falls Flan recognises Coelhere, one of Luber's men! He has donned a  striped saffron brat in a poor attempt to emulate an Irish raider but Flann would recognise that cruel, brutal face anywhere.

He urges his men to brace themselves but to no avail. One of his groups is decimated and leaves the battle field, the other one, now leaderless is hanging on by threads. Flann is caught up with the fleeing riders and carried away. He manages to extricate himself from the routing unit and returns to what is left of his command.
Heroic but futile as these men too are chased away after a renewed attack by Coelhere. For the second time in a few minutes Flann finds himself routing away from an enemy.
The only consolation he has is that Coelhere's unit too has suffered such heavy losses that they are no longer combat-ready, and that his enemy is badly limping.
Flann, on his own now, rides hard and fast and joins Rowena's formation.

In the village Muluch has launched his brutal attack. The shieldwall is overwhelmed but manages – barely- to hold on. The Romano- British are able to keep their shieldwall somewhat intact but big gaps are beginning to show in several places.

Myr knows that a second push will break his already shaken troops and orders his men to attack, hopefully gaining some time for either Rowena or Naf to come to his rescue.
But the Irish warriors keep the upper hand and one by one the demoralized levies fall back.

Myr urges his men to hold, but he is screaming into the wind. A moment later he is howling for another reason. An Irish javelin has transfixed his left foot and it is only with a superhuman effort that his able to break off the shaft and push it completely through his foot. One of his companions slings his arm around his shoulders and half- carries him to safety.
The village is now completely undefended!
The victorious Irish raiders pursue the fleeing levies for a short distance are unable to catch them.

But their eagerness to kill will also prove their downfall...

Instead of a homogeneous formation there are now roughly two disorganised groups and that is the moment Rowena decides to attack.
With their back turned to the Britsh cavalry the raiders are an easy prey. Rowena, Amren and Flann together with all of their men fall on the raiders like a hawk on a rabbit. A third group of raiders is still able to join the fight, but Muluch himself has advanced too far too join in and can only impotently watch the slaughter.
In fact not all that many Irish are actually killed but the groups are completely disorganized and simply flee in a wild panic.
To add insult to injury one of the routing units runs right through Muluch's group and sets off another panic. Despite Muluch's best efforts he is unable to keep his men in hand and has no other choice but to flee with them.
Dun Heste is saved for the moment but it was a narrow escape.


Game results

Romano British win with a +3

Rowena gets two talents and her army is intact.

Muluch has one unit of raiders that needs to recuperate till August.

Rowena had gains 2 honour points for chasing Muluch away, and Muluch gets one for driving off Flann.


Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 51 Annihilated!
« Gepost op: mei 15, 2016, 03:25:11 pm »
 North Rheged June 429
Despite the morning sun already warming up, Luber feels a chill running down his spine.
He has been alerted to a big fleet making ready to alight on one of the many beaches in North Rheged, and the standards flown are those from his arch- enemies Myrddin and Ricberth.

Judging from their position they intend to land near Dun Calagh and no doubt they are after young slaves again!
Luckily both Laur and Linc are nearby and will be able to take up their positions before the raiders arrive.
He and Coelhere will try to get there as fast as they can with the remainder of the army including his heavy shock cavalry.

Morfran, the pug-ugly but highly efficient henchman of Myrddin, is again first to set foot on the enemy land. He assembles three groups of warriors into a formation and heads straight for the small village.

The British cavalry is disembarking from the ships but it will take them a while before the horses are calmed down and any sort of semblance of order restored.

Linc has seen the danger and is repositioning his troops. Laur does the same and together they now have a fairly good defensive position in the village outskirts.

At the beach troops keep disgorging from the ships and orders shouted to get the men into line.

Luber has just arrived at the very edge of the battlefield- to- be and sees his direct path to village is blocked by a spirit wall thrown up by one of Myrddin's druids. He orders his cavalry to skirt around it and takes up a defensive position with his cavalry as well. Cavalry isn't really suited for this kind of work but beggars can't be choosers and he is already heavily outnumbered.

But Laur has already spotted that at least some of  Myrddin's the still rather disorganised heavy cavalry has strayed too far, and immediately orders his men to charge!

He succeeds in driving off the overzealous riders even inflicting some losses in exchange for just a single warrior.

Volusianus is now also advancing towards the village albeit at a slower pace, and it is clear he's still waiting for reinforcements.

Myrddin orders his battered cavalry units to fall back whilst at the same time Arthwyr moves his' up.

Luber masses his cavalry into a single formation and both sides are now jockeying for the best position to strike. The first one that blinks will be at a disadvantage.

But on both sides more troops are arriving! Luber is heartened to see two big groups of his long time Irish friend Muluch reinforce the village defense.  As usually they are led by Ochal, the Irish  swordmaster.

But Degon, Ricberth's lieutenant, is now adavancing towards the village as well with his elite Gesith and battle-hardened Duguth.

Linc falls back a short distance and Laur forms up a sturdy shieldwall.
Morfran is obviously not very intimidated by it and attacks Laur with his formation.
The shieldwall holds as expected but here and there gaps are already showing and his troops are heavily disrupted

Luber, Coelhere and their heavy cavalry now advance slightly getting ready to strike.

Laur falls back a few yard, rallies his men to the nest of his ability and tries to join a single nearby un-commanded unit. Together with these men he'll have a viable fighting force again. Priests are running al over the place encouraging the men and Laur's men take hearth.

But now Linc is attacked by Volusianus and his men. Despite outnumbering the defenders 2 to 1 they still hold their position.
Degon rushes his troops to this spot but so does Ochal! This could become a meat-grinder!

Instead of simply waiting for the next attack the heroic Linc urges his men on to push back Volusianus troops and nearly succeeds.
Ochal reaches the fighting and immediately attacks Volusianus as well who has to fall back.
Just in time as the last of Linc's men falls under a British sword.

But Degon and Morfran are still drawing closer to the outnumbered defenders and by now it is clear, barring a small miracle, they won't be able to hold out.

Linc, undoubtedly a true hero, joins the Irish raiders who are now defending a village they usually love to raid. War indeed makes for strange bedfellows.

With an ululating battle cry Degon and his Saxons charge into the fray. The Irish reel but hold!
Neither of the two sides wants to give an inch and the fight simply continues.
Degon is wounded by an Irish shillelagh, but the blood streaming down his face seems to  urge his men to an even greater effort, and finally they break through the Irish ranks.

The Irish raiders, fierce fighters but more accustomed to a quick raid than an outright battle, fall back and melt away.
Linc is carried along, still shouting insults and wildly thrusting a broken sword at his enemies.

Myrddin has waited for this moment an launches a desperate charge at Laur and his cavalry, still protecting the village.

Arthwyr and his men never reach their intended target being too far away, but Myrddin makes it, barely.

Carried by their enormous momentum they simply carve through Luber's ranks. Luber has no other option except ordering his remaining men to flee for their lives which they do.

The only unit still holding out is the ever loyal  Laur, but his shieldwall is now surrounded on all sides by victorious enemies. Still he refuses to yield, but when Degon attacks his small command from the rear, he too has to give up.
Hardly a handful of survivors are able to get away and even then Morfran chases after them. The bad blood is up and they want dead bodies, not just a vanquished enemy.

Luckily for Laur, he is able to evade his pursuers and later re joins his Lord.

Later that day Luber and his commanders gather the pitiful few men left.
' My Lord we have been decimated' ! shouts Linc.

Luber calmly turns to his brave commander and replies 'Decimated would have been a good thing. We are annihilated. '

Game results

Myrddin and Ricberth win with a monstrous +14 score. The highest score in this campaign so far.

Since Myrddin can't get any more reinforcements, two of his units are upgraded and he gains 4 talents. All his units are battle -ready.

Ricberth doesn't get any talents but an additional group of warriors as reinforcements and is also able to upgrade one of his Duguth to Gesith. All his troops are equally ready.

Muluch gets away unharmed, but Luber's entire army except for one group of Comanipulares and a small group of archers is out until September.

Myrddin gains 2 honour points for routing Luber, and Degon/Ricberth one for getting wounded.



Luber knows that his intended foray into Rowena's Din Gefron isn't possible any-more. He needs to rebuild his army for there is every possibility that Ricberth will now invade and try to take his province. Hopefully his Saxon, Pictish and Irish friends will stand by him.

But instead Muluch will still lead the raid already planned, and Luber will supply what few warriors he has left.



Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 50 A Whiff Of Treason
« Gepost op: mei 01, 2016, 08:07:52 pm »
 Goddodin June 429

Up until now Goddodin has been a fairly safe place. Every now and then there have been a few Pictish invasions, but the deadly rocky coast has prevented most, if not all, Saxon and Irish raiders from plundering.

But recently a Romano- Britsh warlord must have gotten careless, for more and more raiders are targeting Goddodin as well as neighbouring Din Gefron.

Or perhaps this warlord is luring the invaders in and simply waiting to spring a trap?

Eadric,the Comes of Goddodin, is extraordinary proud of his goldmine so it doesn't really comes a a surprise when he learns that a huge group of Picts have cast their greedy eyes on it.

Several Pictish groups are already near the mine which is only defended by a group of armed miners with absolutely no training in warfare. They know that they won't stand a chance against battle-hardened warriors but here they are fighting for their livelihood and families.

A pack of those dreaded Pictish war-hounds are already drawing closer, followed by Uven a skilled swordsman in Murtholic's pay.

The defenders get their first taste of real war when Pictish crossbow bolts are zipping between them and killing an unfortunate miner.

Much further South the first British troops are already arriving. Osfran is leading a shieldwall formation slowly forward, but it will take ages before they ever get anywhere near the mine.

Eadric is assembling his cavalry units and surprisingly another cavalry formation is forming up behind him. It is Coelhere, one of Luber's men!
Has Luber finally seen the light and is he now fighting the Saxon invaders, or is this another devious plot by the master of subterfuge?
Eadric would be well advised to watch his back.

Murtholic is advancing towards the mine with several groups of raiders while Pictish skirmishers are skittering about.

British archers have climbed the mine shaft and now have a commanding view of the surroundings. Their arrival somewhat bolsters the resolve of the hapless miners.

Rinus too has assembled a shieldwall comprised of a few levy groups and is now advancing together with Osfran.

This advance leaves their right flank dangerously exposed and that is when Eadric decides to play his trump card. His druid Maine plants two skull topped posts between the nearby woods and the edge of the battlefield and blocks off this passage with a strong spirit wall, thus blocking the marauding Pictish cavalry from a flank attack on the advancing Roman British troops.

Of course any leader worth his salt will be able to overcome this imaginary 'wall' but there are only a few leaders in a Pictish warband and they are all occupied in the centre!

British skirmishers are entering the woods and throw a few desultory javelins at the nearest Pictish riders without any effect.

Murtholic has now advanced to a spot directly in front of the mine and obviously makes ready to attack.
Uven does the same and now the Picts have a nearly unbroken line of warriors facing the hopelessly outnumbered miners.

But before committing his warriors Murtholic tell his pack-master to unleash the slavering mastiffs!
The ferocious dogs immediately attack the miners disrupting the men but then decide to go for a little bit of hare- hunting. In one sweep Murtholic has lost his best anti- cavlry weapon and it is exactly those who are drawing nearer every minute.

The Pictish cavalry, unsuited for a direct confrontation with the heavy Romano British shock cavalry, falls back a short distance looking for easier prey.

Eadric however has advanced perhaps a little bi too far and now Murtholic exhorts his men to charge the static and fairly vulnerable British cavalry. And fails..
His men are left stranded in the open right in front of the cavalry!

Coelhere's cavalry units are somewhere at the back and Eadric already feels the hair in his neck standing up.

Both Romano British shieldwall formations are advancing slowly and one of the first thing they notice is that another Pictish warband has entered the fray.
Aneil is supporting his fellow Pict and raider cavalry and more of those thrice- damned warhounds are roaming about!

Uven rapidly tries to reinforce Murtholic's groups but the hammer has already fallen.

Eadric orders an all- out charge and for the first time his new 'magical' blade will draw blood.

Just in time because Coelhere also shows his true colours and plans to attack Eadric from behind. So Luber hasn't changed sides and in still in league with his erstwhile companions!
The whiff of treason that Eadric had already smelt is now a full -blown stench!

Edaric's men cleave through the Pitisch raiders like a hot knife through butter. Both Pictish units are completely devastated and immediately rout from the fight.
But Eadric's men have their blood up and at least two of his groups pursue the fleeing Picts wiping out an entire group and wounding Murtholic.
The latter urges his remaining men to run faster but the Gods aren't with him. Again a cavalry unit
overtakes them and  effectively almost wipes out the unit. Murtholic and Lot are lucky enough to escape with their bare lives.

In the meantime Coelhere has launched his attack as well. But the wild pursuit has taken most of Edaric's cavalry out of his reach and he vents his anger and frustration on a small group of cavalrymen left behind. None of those survive.

Osfran is now moving fairly rapidly with his shieldwall. Rinus is somewhat lagging behind but acts as an anchor securing Osfran's left flank.

At last the Pictish cavalry acts. One groups charges the Roman British skirmishers but they evade.
A second group however manages to sneak behind Osfran's shieldwall and threatens his rear!
The Romano British archers on top of the mine see the danger and swiftly kill one of the Pictish riders.



Eadric rallies the few remaining men with him and prepares to charge Uven who still has a strong formation of warriors with him and dominates the entire battlefield.

But before he can give the order the miners in front of the mine have advanced and have now contacted Coelher's cavalry. They can't attack since they have no leader within command range but Coelhere can't ignore them.(*)

Surprisingly they give as good as they get and manage to fight Coelhere to a standstill. It's obvious they can't win this fight but they are keeping Coelhere from attacking Eadric.

And then Eadric strikes! With just a handful of men he wildly charges into Uven's Pictish raiders.
Heavily outnumbered he doesn't have the strength to cause serious casualties but the rather fragile raiders are completely disorganised and one of the groups even routs.

With his lord gone Uven has the responsibility to bring as many men back in preferably  one piece and decides to leave the battlefield.
The Britsh infantry is slowly but surely advancing and his warband no longer has the strength or inclination to slug it out with them.

Game results

Romano British win with a +4

Eadric has gained 2 talents and 2 additional warriors join his warband

Two of Murtholic's raider groups will have to be rebuilt which will take till August.

Aneil despite not having fought, has brought his raider core completely intact back to Fib and he too sees two additional raiders join his crew.

Murtholic has gained an honour point for getting wounded while fighting in the front ranks and Eadric has gained 2 for driving Murtholic away.


(*) the miners could have attacked since Osfran was within command range!


Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / Interludium
« Gepost op: april 29, 2016, 03:58:28 pm »
A small ship alights on the coast of Frankia.
One of the passengers is a big man huddled in a caped cloak.
By his bearing this is obviously a warrior but something about him is wrong.

14 days later.

The big warriors enters the camp of Hengest and heads straight for the warlord's tent. For some reason he isn't stopped.

Hengest, alerted by his sentries, has already drawn his sword and his two bodyguards make ready to defend their lord.

But the man that enters the tent has a familiar face, albeit drawn and in obvious pain.

'Look what they have done Lord' Edwin says and shows his mangled right hand. In fact the bloody lump is barely recognisable as a human hand. All the fingers are broken and the whole thing is a festering mass of decaying flesh. White splinters are showing through the already blackening flesh. Perhaps a healer will still be able to save a portion of the hand but it is more likely that only a swift amputation will save the burly warrior.

The big man smiles through his pain and mutters ' Thank Odin they never figured out I was left-handed' ' They will pay for this mistake in blood'

Game results

Edwin is out till next year March but Myrddin has gained 2 additional honour points for releasing him.

Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 49 BY The Skin Of Their Teeth.
« Gepost op: april 24, 2016, 01:18:58 pm »
 North Rheged June 429

It is widely known that Luber, the brave but much maligned warlord of North Rheged has  several mortal enemies.
The most vociferous of these enemies is Myrddin so it is a small surprise that once again his warbands invade the neighbouring province.

Luber's army is still recuperating from previous raids and can only offer a token resistance.
Despite the advice of his numerous, mostly Saxon, supporters to simply pull back, he decides to confront the invaders.

His lieutenants Laur and Linc have taken up a position inside the small village of Wertan that is obviously the target. Wertan isn't much of a prize except that most of the inhabitants are relatively young people and as such make excellent slaves for the Romano British mines and Frankish slave markets.

The first one on the scene is a relative newcomer. Postumus Flavius Dago is the new Tribune of the Trimontium garrison and obviously eager to prove his mettle.

He, together with his champion Cuel and 2 groups of seasoned warriors are already outflanking Luber's warriors in the village.

Linc reacts by sending a small group of archers to the outskirts of the village, hoping they will be able to delay the advance.

Further afield Myrddin's cavalry units are already forming up. One group is led by Arthwyr the other one by Mrddin himself as usual. For the time being they are staying close together looking for a prey.

More infantry groups are also assembling and  under the leadership of Morfran and Volusianus advancing towards the target.

But help for the beleaguered   warriors in the village is arriving too!
From the south two big groups of warriors are steadily drawing closer led Edwin, the right hand man of  the hard- drinking hard -fighting giant Hengest.

Luber is commanding his own heavy shock cavalry towards the edge of the village poised to strike.

Some British skirmishers bite off more than they can chew and end up paying a high price for it. A few well-placed arrows kill half of them and send the rest back in disarray.

Morfran, possibly still smarting from the insults, now exhorts his men and rushes towards the village.
Volusianus takes a more careful approach, but in the end at least four sizeable warbands are converging on their outnumbered enemies. Linc and Laur take up a better position in the village screening the big church, and order their men into a shieldwall.

Luber's archers are trying to stem the tide by loosing a volley at Dago's men but with little result.

Myrddin orders his cavalry to charge but Edwin is faster. He orders his men to attack the approaching cavalry, but before they can do so Morfran and his warriors are already upon them!

At first Edwin's men gain the upper hand  but slowly they have to give way. One of the Saxon units has to fall back leaving Edwin and just a handful of men locked in combat with the Romano British warriors.
These last warriors are easily despatched leaving Edwin alone and surrounded. Unceremoniously Edwin is trussed up like a chicken and carried away to the waiting boats.

Luber's cavalry is now in an ideal position to strike but he's waiti,ng for a lull in the fight to get his bearings.

In the meantime Dago has chased away the archers outside the village and is now almost upon Linc and Laur's  position.

Morfran's victory is very short- lived as Luber's cavalry hits his already depleted formation like a sledgehammer. There is no way he can stand against this and his men are mowed down like so many straws. The few that remain take to their heels carrying a wounded Morfran with them.
Another scar 'adorns' his face and he must now be the only man in Brynaich with just one half of an ear left.

Where a victory was almost ensured, the Romano Britsh morale drops precariously. Ugly as Morfran is he's also somewhat of an icon and seeing him and his men chased away like so many poorly trained peasants, is extremely disheartening.

But that cavalry charge has exposed Luber to a countercharge by Myrddin!

Without delay he pounces on his enemy and simply drives him off the field. Luber, Coelhere and Rica have to run for their lives and won't be back to finish this fight!

At the same time Arthwyr has attacked Laur and Linc in the village. The shieldwall is shattered and Linc's men simply give up.

Laur, belligerent as always, tries to attack the victorious cavalry units but they simply evade.

Volusianus and Dago are already in the village and breaking down doors. Soon the cries from the captured  new slaves are heard over the din of the still raging battle.

Laur doesn't give up since he knows that even a small victory might push Myrddin's warband over the morale edge. He chases after one of the retreating cavalry groups but simply can't outrun the much faster cavalry.
His brave deed however leaves him stranded in the open with enemies on all sides.

Myrddin delivers the 'coup de grace' with a swift attack. Laur is wounded and  has to be carried off the field.

The only unit still somewhat capable of fighting is one of Edwin's groups but lacking a leader they too quietly slink away.

Game results

Despite winning the scenario Myrddin has lost quite a few men and end up with a +1
So he ends up with a single talent which he magnanimously gives to his ally Postumus Flavius Dago.

Luber has gained an honour point for chasing away Morfran,

But Myrddin has gained no less than 4! Chasing away Luber himself(2), Coelhere(1) en Laur(1)

One of Luber's levy units is 'out' till August,
Myrddin has recuperated all of his losses thanks to his armourer workshop. One of his units is also out till July but the next raid will be in July so he will be at full strenght.


And he still has Edwin in custody which might give him an additional 2 honour points if he gives him back to Hengest alive and with all appendages attached.



Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 48 Inside Out, And Round And Round
« Gepost op: april 14, 2016, 01:46:37 pm »
 Habitancum June 429

Quintus Lucius Blaesius is becoming a very powerful warlord. Against all odds, his unlikely alliance with the Pictish warlord Murtholic has proven extremely successful. Together they now almost control the entire Northern region and few if any raiders dare to challenge them.

Except for Aethelred. This young Saxon Drothin apparently fears nothing an no-one and is well on his way to becoming a legend in his own time.

He knows that the watchtowers that are appearing all over the Habitancum and now Strathclyde region too are a serious nuisance to all raiding activities. It has become nearly impossible to surprise the Romano- British troops anymore, so something has to be done.

When Aethelred hears of another watchtower being built on the coast of Habitancum he decides that
particular building spree has gone far enough, and he intends to personally do something about it.

Splitting his warband in two groups his troops have surrounded the nearly finished watchtower. Spies have alerted him to the fact that the tower and surrounding palisaded enclosure are occupied by about three small groups of warriors led by Cassius Rufus and that recent little upstart Arya Vitalus. Having heard some unlikely stories about that diminutive vixen, he's actually quite anxious to test her mettle.

His skirmishers are almost at the palisade and start showering the defenders with their javelins.
A sharp cry from beyond the wooden rampart indicates that at least one of the missiles has hit.

Aethelred and Seabi are both leading Gedrith and Duguth groups towards the tower, and on the opposite side Titwald and the mercenary Leoff are mirroring their advance.

Saxon archers are taking up a defensive position peering into the distance from where they expect the unavoidable Roman British relief force to come. They don't have to wait long.

But something is stirring inside the palisade. Instead of manning the defences Cassius Rufius is leading his men towards the heavily fortified gate. Is he planning to make a sally?

The Romano Brtish cavalry is still way too far away to support such a dangerous venture!
And now Arya too is leading her troops towards the gate. They ARE coming out and foregoing the superb cover the palisade provides!

Aethelred doesn't hesitate for a second and orders his men over the walls, occupying the now deserted watchtower. Only Seabi has remained outside and is now skirting the palisades in an effort to join with his Lord.

Aethelred notices that both Arya Vitalus and Cassius Ruffus are redressing their lines and are now blocking the gate from the outside.

And suddenly it dawns on him that he is now trapped like a rat. He can't set fire to the watchtower for fear of incinerating his own men, and by the time he has either climbed back over the walls or forced through the blocking infantry shieldwall, that dreaded Roman cavalry will be upon him.

The Saxon archers are doing their utmost best to keep that cavalry away from the watchtower and drop one of the armoured riders.

But it is all to little avail since Victor Vitalus spurs on his men into the first cavalry charge of the day and simply disperses the hapless archers.

The Saxon skirmishers further north don't fare much better. Overwhelmed by their Brtish counterparts and a group of archers they ca only fall back. The still loose a few desultory javelins at Quintus Lucius' cavalry group that is also near, but the end is inevitable.
To add to their misery that freaky looking Abbot Raegan is cursing them for all he is worth.
Even when you're not superstitious his 'colourful' vocabulary  is enough to get distracted.

Victor Vitalies spies Seabi just as he is coming round the back of the fortlet and immediately charges into contact.

The small Saxon group has as much chance of surviving this as a snowball in hell and predictably they rout off the battlefield leaving all their arms and armour behind.

Aethelred knows that his only chance of survival lies in getting through that blocking force in front of the gate and orders his men into a headlong charge. But the men stumble about in the dark confines of the palisade and never come anywhere near the waiting shieldwall.

Quintus Lucius has now joined the ranks on front of the gate and perhaps even worse so has Boudica and the rest of the Romano Britsh infantry.

The Saxon skirmishers are still milling about, but have long ceased to be an effective fighting force.
Javelins, arrows and curses are raining down on them and it becomes hard to tell which is worse.

But Aethelred isn't known for giving up and now charges the massed Romano- British forces outside the gate. The clash is extremely heavy and both sides are reeling. Right before the impact Aethelred has ordered his men to throw their remaining spears and axes into the British shieldwall seriously disrupting it.

Both sides are gasping for breath but immediately afterwards resume the bloody combat. Neither side is able to break down the opponent's defences and they remain locked in combat.
The little Arya fight like a possessed demon and most enemies are giving her a wide berth.

But then Boudica and her still completely fresh troops enter the fray and finally the Saxon resistance crumbles. Leoff takes a serous wound and falls back, after that one by one the by now heavily outnumbered and outmanoeuvred Sais first fall back an then rout.

The watchtower is still standing and once again the immediate  threat is gone.

Quintus Lucius has no illusions however. This isn't the last time he has faced Aethelred

Game results.

Romano British win with a +6

Lucius Quintus gains 2 talents and there are enough armour and weapons left behind on the battlefield to upgrade one of his groups to a better class.

Aethelred will have to outfit his warband again and at least one of his groups will be out till August.
However, he still has enough honour points to get round this temporary setback.



A small girl-like figure sits by a small dying fire carving notches into the handle of a short but lethal looking needle—tipped sword. One of the men approaching her hears her mutter what sounds like an incantation.

Cautiously coming closer he hears that she is repeating the same words over and over again.
'Aethelred, Gwidre, Luber, Hengest, Beowulf, Aneil, Aethelred, Gwidre.......



FrostGrave / Even een bedanking van Arvid & co en een mooi aanbod!
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Willie goedemiddag afgelopen zondag weer een aantal van jullie leden mogen begroeten bij onze stand. Jullie zijn zeer goed geweest voor ons en om jullie daarvoor te bedanken willen we aan jullie club (en jullie zijn echt de enige!) een 10% korting aanbieden op onze FG spullen. We hebben nog volop kaartjes en miniaturen en Thaw of the Lich King. Uw leden hebben al onze core boeken gekocht. Ik heb een coupon aangemaakt in de store TSOA genaamd. We kunnen ook onder het genot van een pintje op vrijdag avond de bestelling eventueel langsbrengen! Namens mij en Ardi heel erg bedankt voor jullie enorme support!!

Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 47 Caught!
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 Din Guardi June 429

' I think we've seen the last Saxon raid this month'. 'They need time to lick their wounds'
In a way Vortimer was right, but he probably shouldn't have said so aloud.
Almost as soon as he had uttered this words a shout went up from a watchtower 'They are attacking Carstegg!'

Carstegg is a small but  prosperous village in the Northern foothills of Din Guardi bordering Din Geffron. And 'they' weren't Saxons but Picts from the North.

Led by Aneill the raiders have already made some serious headway.
Weary, Vortimer saddles up and once again rides to another confrontation. Luckily Carstegg is quite near the Din Geffron border so he is almost convinced his lover Rowena will come to his aid.
That Pict is in for a surprise!

Aneill has taken command of a large group of Raiders and is already advancing towards the village.
His skirmishers and archers have take up an advantageous position on a nearby slope.
If he can get to the village quickly enough he might just get away with it. Too bad his warband is still recovering from an earlier raid. If he would have had these extra men he could have made a defensive position whilst the rest went on a looting rampage.

Huge Pictish warhounds, the bane of any cavalryman, are hiding in the nearby woods ready to pounce on the enemy.

But the British troops are already arriving on the scene. Most of the infantry form up into two formations led by Flann and Wuffa. Together they slowly but surely advance on the marauding Picts.

Two cavalry formations too are jockeying for a better position. One is as Vortimer thought and hoped for, led by Naf, one of Rowena's lieutenants. The other one he commands himself.

Aneill immediately understands that he has little or no chance to ever win this encounter, and orders his men to fall back. He still keeps a small cavalry force on the outskirts of the village but as soon as he sees that Flann has secured the place, he sends orders that they too should retreat.

One by one the Pictish groups slink away but Vortimer is already closer than he thought.

Several units of heavy Romano- British shock cavalry commanded by the Comes himself, start thundering down the path near the woods. The Pictish dog-handlers release their mastiffs, hoping to slow down  progress. The huge dogs snap and bite at the horses, but somehow the cavalry simply ignores them.
Obediently they return to their masters, ready for another attack, but the die has been cast.

The fight between the cavalry and the Raiders is surprisingly even with about the same amount of casualties on each side. But the Pictish warband is completely disordered by the initial shock and quickly falls back. Soon this retreat turns into a full- blown rout.

A few moments later the last of the Pictish raiders are seen leaving the battlefield going back to their boats.
Vortimer has no doubt they will be back later.
Game results

Romano British win with a +3
All his troops are ready for battle.
On the battlefield one of his men finds a valuable golden necklace worth easily two talents.
He gives it to Naf telling him to offer it to Rowena as a small token of his undying love and gratitude.

Vortimer has gained 2 honour points in this battle by chasing Aneill off the game- field.


Rowena smiles when Naf hands over the golden torque, but realises she has been sitting on all this wealth and not done much with it.

Having accumulated quite a few honour points as well she goes on a spending binge and pays the curia for two immediate advancements.
Rising from Tribunus to Legatus consumes all of her honour points and a sizeable chunk of her well;
But watchtowers are being built in Din Gefron as well as a fortified hill-fort.
And a strange man is seen at Rowena's court. No-one knows who he is but all treat him with respect.  Din Hysbys are not to be laughed at.



Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 46 And The Rumours Have Proven True
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 North Rheged June 429
After his magnificent victory over the combined Romano British invaders Luber is busily strengthening his realm. The months of heavy fighting have left his scarred land in need of  almost everything.
Daily, several convoys from neighbouring Elmet and  even from as far as Caer Rhun, trundle along the well trodden paths towards the outposts in North Rheged.
Luber knows it is just a matter of time before one of the 'traitor' British warlords casts a coveting eye on all this wealth.
And today it has happened. A wagon train on his way to a small fortlet outside of Tunnocellum has spotted enemy skirmishers and archers on a wooded hill overlooking the trail. Which means that somewhere nearby other troops must be nearing as well.

Luber himself, and Linc one of his best lieutenants, are leading a mixed bag of elite Comanipulares, Milites and Levies as an escort. Two priest are also with the convoy, both now fervently praying and wishing they were still safely tucked away in their monastery or church.

Laur and Coelhere are already in the fort with some cavalry, archers and the rest of the levies.
The wagons continue their slow advance towards the fort an relative safety, but as soon as it has passed the hillock on their left, they can see a mass of cavalry and infantry bearing down on them.
Judging by the standards it's Quintus Lucius again, the ferocious and probably most powerful of Luber's enemies.

Immediately a group of cavalry led by Victus Vitalus, splits off from the main army and  blocks the path towards the fort.

Quintus leads another group of heavily armoured shock cavalry towards the broken ground, ready to pounce on the convoy as soon as they come into reach.
But Luber counters this by advancing himself with several groups of warriors and thus blocking Quintus Lucius. It is doubtful his meagre infantry force will be able to stop all these experienced riders, but at least he is buying the convoy some time.

As if on cue, the heavily laden wagons divert to the nearby woods on their right covered by Linc and some warrior and levy groups.

Bodicea, the ever impetuous she-wolf advances her infantry literally pushing Quintus Lucius' cavalry- men out of the way.

Abbot Reagan has climbed the hill and now stands in full view of his enemies. The powerfully built man utters a curse somewhat disrupting the elite Comanipulares with Luber.

And immediately afterwards the British cavalry hits home! Thanks to her unorthodox manoeuvrer Boudicea is able to join in the fight and the impact is just too much for the outnumbered and completely overwhelmed troops with Luber. After losing almost half their men and completely in disarray they simply pack up things and run for their lives.


To add insult to injury British skirmishers dash forward and capture Testor, one of Luber's priests.

In the meantime Laur has assembled a cavalry force and is riding at full speed towards the battle-scene.
But then he sees Victus Vitalus and his riders and decides to charge them. Alas, he has misjudged the distance and ends up missing his target altogether.

Luber's archers are hurrying up trying to support Laur but from the corner of his eye the latter sees that another grave danger is drawing near.

There are Picts nearby and they have at least one brace of those trice-cursed war-hounds with them!
He orders his men to veer away but it is already too late. The sleek gray shadows are already amongst his formation, completely disrupting his force. After their lightning- fast attack they obediently run back to their packmaster.

Victus Vitalus becomes ware of the enemy archers when suddenly one of his men tumbles from the saddle with an arrow through his back. But there is nothing much he can do about this except hope that his Pictish allies will get rid of these pests.

Which they do. Pictish cavalry dashes forward and chases away one of  Luber's archer teams.

A short while later the second group of archers also decides that discretion is the better part of valour, especially with some wild Pict riders bearing down on them.

Things aren't looking good for Luber at this moment. Only Linc is still holding out and his shieldwall formation is being surrounded and battered from all sides.

Luber had asked Hengest to support him in this struggle but when he sees the Saxon's troops arriving he warns then not to bother as they would only be slaughtered unnecessary.

Cassius Rufus launches an attack on Linc's formation but never comes near it. Oddly enough a counter -charge of Linc doesn't connect either!

Further towards the fort the endgame is also playing out. The Pictish warhounds once again attack Laur's cavalry but he manages to steer his men out of the way of the slavering dogs. The dogs slink away and the pack master will have a field day getting his charges back together.

But instead of being able to enjoy this little victory, Laur is almost immediately hit by Victus Vitalus' riders. Which proves to be the proverbial straw to break the camel's back. Laur's men stream away to safety.

Linc too is at the end of his rope. After beating off numerous attacks his men are exhausted and weary. The end comes when Quintus Lucius himself charges the depleted formation once again.
The heavy cavalrymen exact a heavy toll and the rest of Linc's men simply drop their weapons and shields an run away.

Suddenly an eerie silence descends of the battlefield, occasionally punctuated by the moans of the wounded and dying warriors.

Quintus Lucius has once again won a spectacular victory and while his alliance with the wild Pict Murtholic is frowned upon by some of the Romano British warlords, it is becoming very hard to argue with their continuous successes.
Game results

Romano British win with a +8

Lucius Quintus gains 3 talents and an additional 2 warriors join his ranks.
This pushes him over the 24+ threshold which means an additional (his last!) Noble joins his army.(*)

Murtholic also gains heavily.
Het gets 4 Raider cavalry as reinforcements and an additional 2 raiders for having suffered no losses.

Luber has surprisingly light losses, but still two of his levy units will be out till next month and one won't even be ready before August.

Quintus Lucius has gained 3 honour points.




Quintus Lucius buys another relic for Father Aegon.

He also has his Abbot Raegan bless a specially made sword for him. Little does Abbot Raegan know that this sword has been made by an swordsmith still adhering to the ancient rites.
From now on Quintus Lucius will wield ' Banshee', a powerful magical blade.

(*) Two days after this battle a small female figure walks into Quintus Lucius camp.
Well, to call her female would be somewhat wishful thinking as she's still anywhere between being a child and a young woman.
But the huge grey and piercing eyes are enough to smother the laughter;

Arya Vitalus, Victus' younger sister claims to be 19 but is probably much younger.
She is small and slender, almost minuscule compared to the burly men in Quintus' household, but Victus knows that her sword-skills are at least as good if not better than his.


Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 45 Honour Amongst Thieves
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 Din Guardi June 429

In a valley near the Oifa river stands a beautiful little monastery. Almost completely surrounded by hills and slopes, it is a place of tranquil contemplation.
The monks there are inordinately proud of their shrine devoted to the Holy Cuthbart which attracts many pilgrims. Pilgrims often donate money or other valuables. And the shrine is encased in a golden sheath.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Gwidre has heard stories about the shrine and decides that all that wealth would be better spent on him.
But this has to be a quick raid, before Vortimer and his army has a chance to react. And it will habe to be just him and his men. No elaborate preparations, no asking support from other Saxon raiders, as otherwise news of the impending raid could leak out.

So at the crack of dawn on what promises to be a wonderful sunny day Gwidre's men make their way to the monastery. They manage to get quite near the compound before one of the labourers toiling the fields sees them and alerts his reeve. Soon afterwards there's frantic  activity at the nearby watchtowers.

Hrotha takes up a position on the gently sloping hill east of the monastery. From this vantage point he has a commanding view of the surroundings and will be able to warn the others of any enemies approaching.
He doesn't have to wait long.

Beyond the hills to the North infantry men are already assembling. By the looks of it they are commanded by his old mate Wuffa who has joined the Romano British. But Hrotha isn't worried at all.  It will take a long time for these men to get here and the rest of the Saxon host is  by now at the  monastery.

A group of overzealous archers are  trying to break down the door  but lack the sheer strength of seasoned warriors. Still, the oaken boards are already creaking, and it is simply a matter of time before they get in.

British archers are working their way around the nearby wood and start peppering Hrotha's men.
Almost immediately one of the Saxon Duguth is killed by an arrow. Hrotha understands that he's terribly exposed on that slope and sends one of his groups after the archers. They get hopelessly stuck in the woods however.

Wuffa has formed up a shieldwall and starts slowly but inexorably towards Hrotha's position.
In the meantime Flann has also assembled a few groups of levies and starts his advance as well.

And cavalry units are arriving! Still disorganised and unable to ride directly towards the monastery because of the huge hill in front of them they have to wait until Vortimer himself arrives.

Floki rushes towards the monastery and orders the archers away. Reluctant to leave their prospective loot they dally somewhat an Floki has to use the flat of his sword to 'convince' them that breaking down stout doors is a job better suited to battle- hardened warriors.

Vortimer has succeeded in forming up his cavalry and is skirting the hill threatening Gwidre's position.

The wily Saxon warlord however immediately reacts by going into a defensive position.

The Saxon archers, still sulking, loose a few arrows at the riders but without any result.
Their British counterparts on the contrary are having a field day and once again drop one of Hrotha's men!

Floki and his men are pounding on the doors but with little result. Some of the archers smirk....

Somewhat foaming at the mouth, Hrotha orders the single group of entangled warriors to skirt the woods and get those pesky archers. As soon as they show themselves the archers kill yet another one of the warriors!

Vortimer now attacks Floki and simply rides the whole group down. From the corner of his eye Floki sees a sword coming down on his head and ducks away. Right into the path of a heavy spear aimed at his chest. The big man goes down and dies on the spot.

Vortimer order his cavalry to fall back since Gwidre is known to be able  to launch lightning attacks with his well-trained infantry.

Hrotha, no longer needed at the slope, runs towards the building and in one big heave breaks down the massive gate. His men immediately start looting for the gold and other valuables. In just a few moments they have discovered a chest full of jewels but the golden shrine is nowhere to be seen.

The Saxon archers, covering the door entrance, finally manage to kill a single rider.

The decimated group of Saxon warriors falls back towards the slope but all they get for their effort is another man down with an arrow in his back. Those British archers have certainly earned their keep today!

Gwidre sends 1 group of elite Gedrith  to counter the British cavalry and joins them with his own group. But he misjudges the distance a little and ends up in a very exposed position.

Vortimer doesn't hesitate for a second and charges towards his foe. The Saxon warriors fight like possessed demons, inflicting more losses on the cavalry than suffering themselves,  but the shock of being ridden down by these armoured behemoths is simply too great and they run.
The Saxon morale is by now running very low.

Totally unaware of this carnage outside  Hrotha keeps rifling through the contents of the monastery in search of the elusive shrine.

And Wuffa has now reached the battlefield and orders his shieldwall to attack even before Vortimer can order his decimated cavalry to do so.
The Saxons are the better fighters but the shieldwall gives the British the advantage. Gwidre's men are repeatedly  driven back  and  in the end the Saxon Warlord has to give in.

He orders his horn-blower to give the signal for a general retreat and leaves the battlefield.
Empty handed.


Game results

Romano British win with a +5

Vortimer has gained 2 talents and a priest, Vetta, joins his retinue.
He also gains 2 additional warriors.

Gwidre has surprisingly light losses but still 2 of his Duguth groups will be out till respectively July( 8) and August (6)

Vortimer has gained no less than 4 honour points!





Dux Brittaniarum 2de Campagne / AAR 44 The One that Barely Got Away
« Gepost op: maart 24, 2016, 12:43:13 pm »
 Galwydell June 429

Morfrans is not a happy man. Despite his best efforts nothing he does seems to please his Lord Myrddin. He always gets the most dangerous or boring jobs and even after accomplishing those hardly ever any praise.
Myrddin wouldn't be so petty as to hold his disfigurement against him would he?
The goiter in his neck seems grow larger every month, and the multiple  scars that run full length from his forehead through his lips and chin are so  hideous that children simply run away whenever he smiles.

The one solace he has is that Sasin, his beautiful young wife, loves him so much that at times he feels he's the most handsome man in the world.
And that no-one calls him 'ugly' to his face. Most that did aren't alive anymore.

And so Morfrans is once again on an extremely boring patrol near the newly built outpost south of Dun Phris. Luckily the small fortlet that surrounds the watchtower is already in sight, and soon he will be in the arms of his darling Sasin again.

But his daydreams are brutally interrupted by a shout from one of his men: ' Raiders!!!'
Looking to his right he sees a massive host of wild Irish raiders coming down on his small command. Swift cavalrymen are already galloping in his direction and he can see masses of raiders following them. That triced -cursed Muluch is raiding again!

Morfrans knows that his only chance of survival lies within the walls of  the small fort. Myrddyn is there with the rest of the war-host and will surely send help?

So Morfrans hurries his men toward the relative safety of the half- built walls but doesn't get far. He then orders his troops into a defensive formation and awaits the onslaught.
That never comes.

Both 'golden boy' Arthwyr and Myrddin himsef have formed up cavalry formations and are already advancing towards the Irish raiders.
Morfrans can't stand the upstart Arthwyr but now he fervently hopes that at least some of the stories about his martial prowess are correct.

Oddly enough, with the Romano British heavy shock cavalry entering the battlefield, the Irish seem to shift their attention.

Arthwyr makes ready to attack the Irish cavalry but the Irish are faster on the draw and charge the British cavalry instead.!  When the fight is over the Romano- British formation is completely disrupted but the Irish cavalry decimated and routing.

Morfrans who had been holding his breath (and therefore becoming blue in the face and even more hideous) sighs with relief. That's at least one threat removed but there are still masses of Raiders streaming on the field and they are all looking at him!

He urges his men to advance more quickly towards the fortlet but to little avail. Cursing them for all he is worth doesn't seem to help much either.
But another attacker has just shown himself.
Titwald, one of Aethelred's henchmen has sneaked up on the Romano British and is immediately attacking the 'tame' Irish raiders that always accompany Myrddin's forces. Since they can't get any protection from the shield-wall next to them they are simply swept away and flee the field.

Volusianus who is commanding the shieldwall composed of levies stiffened by a single group of warriors has every reason to become slight worried. These are some of the best Saxon warriors on the face of the earth an he doubts that his flimsy shield-wall will be able to hold them long enough for Myrddin to come to the rescue.
And of course he is right. The Saxons impetuously attack their enemies and simply break through the half- hearted defence. Luckily Volusianus manages to extricate him from the fight but that means he won't be able to contribute to the next one. And the next fight has already started!
Both units are pushed back sweeping Volusianus with them. Luckily for him since otherwise he would surely have ended up a captive.

Morfrans is by now quite besides himself. His men are stumbling around like so many blind hens and he has had enough.
Working himself into a frenzy, his face now shows blue,and purple blotches, contrasting nicely with the grey, red  and white scars.  Big blue veins are popping up at his temples and his huge neck- muscles seems to be trying to push the apple- sized goiter into his throat. 'Run, you bastards!' he yells from the top of his voice showing his surprisingly white but huge teeth.
Some of the men look back at him and start running, fast.
But since Morfrans runs along with them they simply accelerate even more.
The previously somewhat lethargic formation is by now outpacing the cavalry.

Titwald is making ready to surround Volusianus and carry him off as a prize but Myrddin's cavalry finally enters the fray.
Charging full tilt, they bowl over the marauding Saxons and drive then back scampering for safety.

Muluch understands that there is little chance of successfully completing this mission and wisely orders his remaining  men to withdraw.

Game results

Romano British win with the minimum score a +1.
One of Myddin's levy units will be out this month.

Titwald's martial skills have attracted a notorious warrior. LEOFF, a level 3 Noble, joins Aethelred's warband for a whole year.

Myddin has gained an honour point fro driving Titwald into a rout.




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